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Fellow members of SA

Scientology is a dangerous cult which causes the death of many, it is a extremally volitile and aggresive community. I suggest you take a look at some of the scientology sites on the internet, including their own official site so that you too can gain greater understanding of their criminal behaviour.

I am contemplating holding a peaceful protest at the scientology building (authorised and all) in the city on North Terrace. If you are interested, or would like further clarification I am avalible at:

Or simply comment on here. Thankyou.
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Maybe you could dress up as L Ron Hubbard!

And say you were the second comming....


I find L ron Hubbard and scientology incredibly amusing, Im interested in hearing more about what you plan to do.
I've always know it is a very far fetched religion,
i will take your word on it and read up on the ideology a little more to gain greater understanding..
Wow. I wrote that in 2005 man! Heh. This resulted in a letter to request scientologist didn't congregate outside hopsitals, they wrote back claiming that due to the controversy this had caused in the US they would not do so. But still. IT happened in 2005 ^_^